How Anthony Petitte of TruckPark Helps Empower Truck Drivers

Picture this: you’re driving down the highway trying to get cargo from Point A to Point B. You get an alert from the ELD on your truck — your hours of service are almost up, and you need to stop driving. Where do you go?

For the third episode of Careers on the Move, we spoke to Anthony Petitte, CEO of TruckPark. The company has humble beginnings: Anthony wanted to help his uncle, who owned a parking lot and was looking for a way to reach truck drivers. Today, TruckPark connects 1.7 million truckers with over 220 secure locations and works with both owner-operators and fleet drivers.

When starting his company, Anthony spoke directly with truck drivers to learn their pain points. But he discovered that finding a safe place to park was only one of many challenges facing truck drivers today. Although they move essential goods across the country, truck drivers feel undervalued and underappreciated.

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Funding is Ushering the Supply Chain Into the Future. Here’s How.

Our industry is seeing tremendous growth. With that growth comes tremendous funding to scale and modernize processes across the supply chain.

We took a look at some major deals across the space. This infographic traces how that funding is making a huge difference. From the overseas trip to port operations and technology to trace it all, there are huge opportunities across the supply chain.

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Find us at TPM 2021

Will you be at TPM21?

Organized by The Journal of Commerce within IHS Markit, TPM is the premier conference for the trans-Pacific and global container shipping and logistics community. This year, the show has gone virtual. There is a slate of online sessions, video meetings, and networking events.

Cargomatic’s team will be online at the event, ready to meet and answer any questions. TPM21 kicks off this week, on February 25, and ends on March 3.

Learn more about the event and register here.

Free Report: How You Can Level Up Your Home Delivery

Download the free report here.

The past year has seen a transformation in the home delivery space. Lockdowns and stay-at-home orders have left people ordering online more and relying more on having those items delivered directly to their homes. At the same time, industries that once relied primarily on in-person sales are now making more online sales than ever.

A successful shipping strategy adapts to meet customers’ changing needs and leverages new technology and processes to do so. But shippers, you’re not alone. Choosing partners to take over (or automate) the most challenging parts of the operation can be beneficial.

We’ve seen some common technological needs from shippers, regardless of what’s being shipped. There are three critical components that shippers should expect when partnering with a technology solutions provider:

  1. Real-time location data. It doesn’t matter if this is tracked via a device on a truck, tag on a product, or through a driver’s phone’s GPS location. While it may seem obvious, the ability to find this information is what’s most important.
  2. An analytics engine. Collecting data is one thing, using that data is another. An effective solution can alert the shipper to potential issues before they even arise. An example of this is identifying the likelihood of an exception. With home delivery, a driver may have multiple stops – a late delivery for one end-customer can lead to issues for half a dozen other customers.
  3. Push notifications. Notifications can be given through SMS, email, or a phone call. This gives shippers options when coming up with ways to communicate with their customers.

Want to learn more about leveling up your home delivery strategy? We’ve created a report to help shippers of all sizes.

Download the free report here.

COVID-19’s Impact on the Food Supply Chain | Careers on the Move

Last month, we introduced the Careers on the Move series. With this podcast, we hope to shine a spotlight on the supply chain. We’ll talk to people innovating within the space and, ultimately, aim to recruit people to this growing industry.

On episode 2 of the podcast, we spoke with Kelvin Garvanne. Kelvin is a public policy researcher with the Los Angeles Public Works Board of Commissioners. In this role, he leverages his military background to develop solutions for food supply issues within the city.

Food insecurity and food waste are not new issues, but these challenges became even more important as COVID hit. Kelvin talks to Careers on the Move host Tyler Kern about the ways that the pandemic affected the food supply. They also talk about how those viral videos of farmers throwing away unused product are indicative of a larger problem faced by the industry.

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How Carriers Can Take Care of Themselves on the Road

The pandemic has created a situation where people can’t or don’t want to go to the doctor’s office. After all, that’s where the sick people are. The LA Times even ran a trend piece about it, discussing how folks are putting off medical care due to COVID concerns, including routine screenings, emergency room visits, and treatment for existing conditions. If you fall under this list, this is the perfect time to book that appointment you’ve been putting off or check in with a doctor. We can help with the latter.

Cargomatic has partnered with SASid to offer carrier members and their families two free months of telehealth coverage. At the end of the two-month period, you pay $8.99 a month to continue individual coverage or $9.99 for family coverage.

How Telehealth Works

MDLIVE is a low-cost and convenient alternative to urgent care clinic visits or waiting days for a non-emergency medical appointment. Doctors can diagnose your symptoms, recommend treatment, and prescribe or refill prescriptions for routine conditions via telephone, smartphone app, webchat, and email. 

Through SASid, you have access to MDLIVE’s board-certified doctors through phone or video 24/7 anywhere in the US, and you will be matched to a doctor that is fully licensed to practice medicine in your state. 

Telehealth visits are private and secure with $0 copays and e-prescriptions are sent to your local pharmacy for convenience.

In addition to telehealth, SASid is offering Cargomatic carriers and their families free access to its pharmacy program. This discount card offers instant savings at the pharmacy on name-brand and generic prescription medications for you and your household (including pets). Users save on average over 50% per prescription, and the savings card is accepted at more than 61,000 pharmacies across the country.

Click here to sign up for two free months of telehealth services.

This partnership with SASid is part of a long-term initiative to take care of our drivers and carriers. In December, we announced an ongoing partnership with IDShield for a discount on identity protection services. Last month, we introduced you to Lendio, a financial services technology company that is helping small fleets and other business owners gain access to PPP funding and other business loans. Be on the lookout for more partnerships in the coming months.

Is Your Home Delivery Turning Off Customers?

Manufacturers are devoted to creating the best product. But nearly 50% of the negative feedback posted to Amazon reviews has nothing to do with the product itself. Instead, it’s a negative delivery experience that can cause headaches, making it more difficult for merchants to sell products.

A satisfying delivery is so much more than getting the product from Point A to Point B. The last 12 months have seen a titanic shift in consumer expectations regarding home delivery. Today, shippers are expected to provide full transparency, offer proactive notifications, and present it with a little bit of style.

Now, companies who relied on brick and mortar business are shipping out more orders than ever. Furniture stores, which often had customers coming in to try before they buy, are now making sales to customers who have never even seen the product in person. The only customer service they’ll probably experience is with the delivery driver.

How do you ensure your customers receive a positive delivery experience? We’re here to help.

We’ve created a white paper that highlights approaches to home delivery needs that go beyond traditional parcel services and shares best practices from companies with the most challenging deliveries.

Click here to download the report.


Why the Supply Chain is the Industry to Work In | Careers on the Move

Last month, we launched Careers on the Move, a podcast and video series that aims to shine a spotlight on the supply chain. We hope to attract people to work in the industry by featuring people and companies who are innovating the supply chain.

We’ve already highlighted how data is a key element of the supply chain, tracing its roots to the humble barcode in Episode 1 of the podcast. We’ve also spoken to someone who’s worked his way up through the industry and serve as CEO in multiple transportation companies in this video.

Our ultimate goal is to show people why the supply chain is such a great place to work and thrive. In this infographic, we take a step back and explain why this is our goal. The supply chain is an industry that continues to grow and transform, especially as buying patterns change.

In 2020, people went out less and ordered online more. They had items delivered directly to their homes, from toilet paper to mattresses. And the supply chain has adapted to meet these needs.

Talking Logistics with Steve Rubin | Careers on the Move

Steve Rubin is a logistics industry legend, previously serving as CEO for ITS ConGlobal, Horizon Lines, and TRAC Intermodal.

He spoke to Careers on the Move host Tyler Kern about how he got started, how the industry has changed over 30 years, and the challenges that arose in the wake of COVID-19. Along the way, he talked about the amazing places he got to visit, as well as how rewarding a career in supply chain can be.

Careers on the Move is a podcast and video series that highlights people and companies transforming the supply chain industry, produced by MarketScale and Cargomatic.

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