Going Beyond Parcel

We understand the brand and halo effects that come with home delivery; a rough drop off can have tremendously negative effects on how shippers are perceived by their end users. Our extensive driver vetting process ensures that the companies who trust us to serve as their brand ambassadors are as delighted as their customers. 
Furthermore, our portal extends beyond typical B2B shipping engagements, allowing our customers to easily share or white label delivery updates. We provide consumers with up to the minute ETA information, all within the context of our customer’s preferred user experience. 


higher lifetime value for customers who utilize omnichannel purchasing


consumer spending on eCommerce in 2020


of negative online reviews are due to shipping issues

Exceed Your Customer Needs

Same-day delivery. Free shipping. A mobile app that brings groceries in an hour. Consumer expectations for home delivery have never been higher. Make sure you’re over-delivering by utilizing Cargomatic’s marketplace of professional, vetted drivers for all of your Final 50 needs.


Connecting local shippers and carriers is the cornerstone of our business.

GPS Tracks
Drivers & Freight

Always know where your trucks and freight are.

Status Updates

Real-time, all the time right
on your phone or computer.

Pricing is Fair
& Transparent

Cargomatic applies the
tenets of the “sharing
economy”to local trucking.

Just in Time Delivery

Two hour pickup &
dropoff windows.

No Dead-Head Miles

Never pay to ship air again.

Paperless Billing

We handle all the billing and paperwork for you online, in real-time.

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Download our white paper to learn how many of the most advanced supply chains in the US are turning home delivery into a customer loyalty solution.

A New Approach to Home Delivery 

Proactive Notifications

Easily share status updates with your end customers.

Contactless Deliveries

Ensure customer and driver safety with paperless delivery options

Support Reverse Logistics

Make sure your customers are never stuck with previous appliances or furniture

Track Customer Experience

Offer post-delivery connections to ensure your customers loved their experience.

Local Shipping Made Easy

We now offer service in most major port cities and their surrounding areas.

Andres Espinoza, Driver

The things I love about Cargomatic is the fast responses, payments are made right away, and you get more jobs on demand.

Roberto Ventura, Driver

Cargomatic changed my life. Before Cargomatic I was just working at a warehouse. Now I see a better future for myself and my family.

Roland Bula, Driver

I would definitely recommend Cargomatic to others. It’s a family company. They look after you and we take care of one another. It’s been a great journey and I’m loving it.

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