LTL Shipping San Francisco Bay Area

LTL Shipping San Francisco Bay Area

Ship your less than truckload (LTL) freight today throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Sign up to quote and book same-day shipments easily with professionally vetted carriers at the lowest rates.

LTL Shipping San Francisco

LTL and FTL Shipping in the San Francisco Bay Area

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San Francisco LTL and FLT Freight

Cargomatic simplifies LTL and full truckload (FTL) shipping in the Bay Area by offering an easy-to-use platform where shippers can quote and book shipments instantly. More than 22,000 professionally-vetted carriers operate on the Cargomatic marketplace, moving thousands of shipments every day.

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Instant Access to Carriers

Shippers leverage Cargomatic to save time and money by booking shipments directly on the marketplace. Freight density, required truck equipment type, route optimization, and other factors help match shipments with the most qualified carriers, lowering the unit cost of shipping for shippers. This turn-key solution is ideal both for large-scale enterprise shippers via an open API or EDI integration, and for small shippers needing to move single pallets. 

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Competitive Pricing with Track & Trace

In addition to faster and more price-competitive local shipping options, Cargomatic’s shipper portal provides real-time track and trace visibility for active shipments – including the current status of the shipment, as well as the option for geofenced paperless Proof of Delivery (POD).

Simplifying LTL Freight in San Francisco

Founded in 2013, Cargomatic operates in 40+ markets and offers transportation solutions and shipping services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. More than 22,000 carriers support the Cargomatic marketplace, giving shippers access to on-demand, same-day pick-up and delivery shipping for LTL and FTL freight. From individual pallets and home delivery to nearly full trucks moving goods from a warehouse to a storefront, Cargomatic’s solutions are built to meet the needs of every shipper.


Shipments every day


On-time delivery


From sign-up to pick-up

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Quote Freight and Book Shipments 

Get An Instant Quote

Enter your shipment origin, destination, and shipment details to generate LTL freight cost estimates, commitment-free.

Quote to Ship

Book shipments directly from the Cargomatic Command platform and access thousands of professionally vetted drivers on the freight marketplace.

Real-time GPS Tracking

Track your shipments with real-time GPS updates. Never lose sight of your shipments and receive proactive job status updates.

On-time Pickup and Delivery

Benefit from two-hour pick-up and drop-off windows with excellent on-time delivery.

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Explore Other Services

Drayage >

Removing Friction from a Fragmented Process

Our drayage capabilities expand to the top 20 ports in the continental US, addressing the unique needs of shippers regardless of where they are importing or exporting goods.

Intermodal >

Cutting Complexity Through Connectivity

Among our most comprehensive offerings, our intermodal shipping solutions enable shippers to utilize Cargomatic as a one-stop solution for all of their air, ground, rail and sea shipments; we have expertise in connecting all of the spokes and hubs for our customers’ supply chains, regardless of the means of transportation they’ve chosen to utilize (or relied on us to help them refine).


The Largest and Most Automated Marketplace for Local Freight

Our flexible less-than-truckload offerings match shippers with the right equipment and capacity to ensure goods are delivered on time and in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. Depending on the flexibility of when goods are needed, Cargomatic’s smart routing and bundling technology can bundle loads with multiple shippers to capture efficiencies and reduce costs.


Solving Local and OTR Full-Truckload Needs

Cargomatic helps shippers meet their full-truckload needs for local, regional, and national hauling. Through our marketplace, we connect power-only services and trucks/trailers with shippers who need to move goods. 

White Glove >

Delivering a Quality Customer Experience

In-home delivery and direct-to-consumer shipping have continually gained traction, as companies with offerings ranging from mattresses to appliances, and furniture to razor blades, attain mass adoption. For companies with larger items, Cargomatic offers white-glove service that aligns with the branding and experience our shippers have offered their customers.



LTL Operational Excellence

We’ve moved millions of LTL shipments, connecting spokes and hubs for independent retailers and Fortune 50 companies. Our marketplace and capacity teams will work closely with you to identify the right drivers for your LTL shipping needs throughout the Bay Area and throughout the 40 markets we serve. Get access to GPS tracking, real-time status updates, just-in-time delivery, and more.


Connecting local shippers and carriers is the cornerstone of our business.

GPS Tracks
Drivers & Freight

Always know where your trucks and freight are.

Status Updates

Real-time, all the time right
on your phone or computer.

Pricing is Fair
& Transparent

Cargomatic applies the
tenets of the “sharing
economy”to local trucking.

Just in Time Delivery

Two-hour pick-up and
drop-off windows.

No Dead-Head Miles

Never pay to ship air again.

Paperless Billing

We handle all the billing and paperwork for you online, in real-time.