Unexpected Partners: LTL Carriers and The Cargomatic Marketplace

How do LTL Carriers meet the needs of today’s clients?

If you’re an LTL trucking company, you’ve more than likely run into some challenges. From loose freight and shorter, more frequent hauls, to empty miles, there are plenty of obstacles. In the latest Cargomatic white paper, we provide insight into how our marketplace brings a field-tested combination of on-demand access to drivers and equipment, end-to-end visibility and easy-to-understand pricing that supports the needs of carriers in real-time.

LTL Carriers and The Cargomatic Marketplace. The Cover of the latest White Paper.
Cargomatic White Paper Cover

Download “Unexpected Partners: LTL Carriers and The Cargomatic Marketplace” now! Gain insight on:

  • The differences between traditional LTL Carrier models and today’s Omni-Channel Models of shipping
  • The challenges LTL Carriers face on their own
  • How Cargomatic’s Marketplace addresses LTL Carrier issues with mission-critical transportation
LTL Carriers and The Cargomatic Marketplace Quote.
Quote from the Cargomatic White Paper

Cargomatic’s Marketplace and community of truckers provide solutions that can be applied across the spectrum of traditional LTL scenarios as well as today’s challenges. Cargomatic’s iOS app and Android app is quick, easy and effective for LTL trucking companies to use. More information is just a click away.