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Enter your shipment origin, destination, and shipment details to generate to get LTL freight cost estimates, commitment-free.

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Book shipments directly from the Cargomatic Command platform and access thousands of professionally vetted drivers on the freight marketplace.

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Track your shipments with real-time GPS updates. Never lose sight of your shipments and receive proactive job status updates.

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Benefit from two-hour pickup & dropoff windows with excellent on-time delivery.

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Benefit from great rates, excellent customer service, and instant capacity. Whether you’re moving a single pallet or a full truckload, Cargomatic has you covered.


Connecting local shippers and carriers is the cornerstone of our business.

GPS Tracks
Drivers & Freight

Always know where your trucks and freight are.

Status Updates

Real-time, all the time right
on your phone or computer.

Pricing is Fair
& Transparent

Cargomatic applies the
tenets of the “sharing
economy”to local trucking.

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Two hour pickup &
dropoff windows.

No Dead-Head Miles

Never pay to ship air again.

Paperless Billing

We handle all the billing and paperwork for you online, in real-time.

Shipping Made Easy

Increase Efficiency With Cargomatic

Our comprehensive approach meets the needs of nearly every shipper, moving goods through ports and out of containers, into trailers or trucks for delivery at warehouse locations, on to physical retailers, and even into customer’s homes through our white glove programs.

Through a robust partnership ecosystem, we can help shippers increase their efficiency, layering in data and booking capabilities with railroads and steamships lines as appropriate, while offering visibility and transparency solutions that ensure those who need to know, are in the know.

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