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Cargomatic uses GPS in a driver’s smartphone to meet the track and trace requirement of today’s shippers. We accept delivery orders through any means a shipper might want to send them (API, EDI, Spreadsheet, etc.), and then spotlight the information that’s relevant to truckers in our easy-to-use mobile app.
The approach is working; 13 of the top 20 shippers in the US rely on Cargomatic to get goods where they need to be. These companies could be relying on you.
No matter what type of equipment you have (box truck, Class 8, etc), as long as your vehicle is in compliance with relevant local and national requirements, we have loads available for you to take, usually at a premium when compared to brokers or other digital freight solutions.


loads offered to drivers every day


of the top 10 retailers in America move goods through Cargomatic


cities, each with an operating radius of 250 miles

A solution for every driver

Powering the fleet

Our approach enables fleet owners to ensure all of the trucks are on the road, and all of their drivers are earning a paycheck. We offer flexible solutions to fleets, which can be built on dedicated lanes, or serve as a way to find additional work during slower periods.

Supporting dispatchers

We know that dispatchers will have many tools at their disposal to find routes for their drivers; we just hope to be one of them. Unike many loadboards, there is no cost for a dispatcher to utilize our marketplace to find opportunities for their drivers

Empowering Owner Operators

We give OOs access to the same technology that large fleets are using to win business. By handling the back office operations, including accepting order through API or EDI, we allow OOs to drive, and rely on us to solve the other issues that come from running a business.

How it works

Our team blends backgrounds in trucking and technology; our team speaks the same languages as drivers, and we understand the challenges truckers face on the road.

Cargomatic has a sales and technology team dedicated to attracting interest and freight from top shippers. Once we receive the delivery order, we push the freight into our marketplace and alert nearby drivers that there is a local shipment in need of transportation. 

For drivers, this means that as soon as they’ve completed their paperwork with us and downloaded our app, they can easily start to carry loads for Cargomatic. We offer a wide range of freight and services, from port work to in-home delivery, with a particular focus on local LTL. This means we can accommodate most equipment, from box trucks through Class 8 vehicles. 


On the back end, once a driver completes a delivery and uploads their documents (such as POD), we automatically send invoicing and billing information to shippers, while also executing a quick pay approach that is on par with the industry. 

Our team is available 24/7/365 to help any driver who needs it.

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