The Right Approach for Your Fleet

Cargomatic connects fleets with local freight from major shippers, allowing drivers to have a full day’s work, often with multiple loads, but the ability to have dinner at home with their kids and to sleep in their own beds.

Operate at Peak Efficiency

For fleets, Cargomatic offers both dedicated lanes/capacity, as well as the ability to keep the wheels turning during slower periods. We offer fleets access to cargo from many of the best-known and most advanced supply chains in the US, while removing the hurdles fleets have to jump through. And we do it without charging our carriers at all. 

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Keep Your Drivers on the Road

We help dispatchers ensure drivers always have a full workload on their plate. Our free to use mobile app and TMS connects to the marketplace where many of the best-known shippers choose to have their freight moved. We understand fully that dispatchers have may options for finding works for their drivers; and we’re grateful when they include us in their daily activities.

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You Drive; We’ll Handle the Rest

Cargomatic solves all of the back-office functions for Owner Operators, allowing them to focus on the road instead of the behind-the-scenes sections of running a business. From billing to business development, we take the guesswork, and most of the risk out of running your own trucking operation. With our emphasis on local loads, and smart routing technology that bundles multiple jobs (and eliminates empty miles), we empoer OOs increase income and profitability, while helping them get to sleep in their own bed.

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A Trusted Solution for Fleets

Drivers come to Cargomaitc to ensure they have the flexibility to work the hours they want, in the lanes they want to drive. Our full technology back-ends that meets the demands of today’s most dynamic and forward thinking shippers, with no cost to trucking companies. Drivers on our platform can access dedicated lanes and spot rates based on shippers and location; carriers can run their day-to-day business with our platform, or rely on us when the industry’s seasonality creates a slow down. 

All-in pricing ensures that carriers know exactly how much money they will make on a load. While other companies include (or encourage) bidding and a race to the bottom, our sales team and approach ensure we’re paying carriers as much as possible.

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