Removing the Pressure From the Ports

With capacity and experience in each of the top 20 ports in the continental US, Cargomatic’s drayage shipping services meet the needs of any company importing or exporting goods, and our Command platform seamlessly ensures billing and accessorials are captured and sent in a  timely and accurate manner. 
Through bundling, peel piles, and API integrations with terminals, we’re automating dozens of processes to solve many of the largest issues with drayage, including dual transactions and chassis management.


of the top 5 importers


ports serviced


terminal integrations

Frictionless Drayage

Our approach to drayage gives shippers a head start across their supply chain. Rather than being forced to stockpile inventory, we empower just-in-time logistics while saving our customers thousands of dollars on unnecessary storage fees.
With robust transloading and crossdocking capabilities, Cargomatic removes the pain points from drayage shipping.


Connecting local shippers and carriers is the cornerstone of our business.

GPS Tracks
Drivers & Freight

Always know where your trucks and freight are.

Status Updates

Real-time, all the time right
on your phone or computer.

Pricing is Fair
& Transparent

Cargomatic applies the
tenets of the “sharing
economy”to local trucking.

Just in Time Delivery

Two hour pickup &
dropoff windows.

No Dead-Head Miles

Never pay to ship air again.

Paperless Billing

We handle all the billing and paperwork for you online, in real-time.

Trusted Nationwide

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Transparency & Visibility Along Every Mile

We’re trusted nationwide to handle loads of all shapes and sizes, with cargo ranging from high value, fragile goods through toilet paper. 18 of the 25 companies that Gartner recognized in its 2020 supply chains to watch report are companies that rely on Cargomatic to move freight, with transparency and visibility along every mile of a shipment’s path.

An Approach To Eliminate Extra Fees 

Timely and Accurate Billing

From split chassis fees to paperless PODs, we ensure our shippers receive accurate billing, delivered in the  manner of their choice

Stop Paying Demurrage

Partner with a company that hates demurrage as much as you do. Through partnerships and automation, we ensure our customers’ containers are out of the port before the last-free-day.

Leave Detention in High School

Automated appointment scheduling ensures we’re sending drivers to get containers when there’s a way to get in and out of the terminals.


Local Shipping Made Easy

We now offer service in most major port cities and their surrounding areas.

Roland Bula, Driver

I would definitely recommend Cargomatic to others. It’s a family company. They look after you and we take care of one another. It’s been a great journey and I’m loving it.

Roberto Ventura, Driver

Cargomatic changed my life. Before Cargomatic I was just working at a warehouse. Now I see a better future for myself and my family.

Andres Espinoza, Driver

The things I love about Cargomatic is the fast responses, payments are made right away, and you get more jobs on demand.

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