The Top 3 Things Our Community of Truck Drivers Love About Their Job


As you might have read in our past blogs and as you’re currently seeing with our Cargomatic, “Daniel, America’s Road Warrior” Comic Series, Truckers face a lot of challenges in the industry. From the aggressive drivers to poor road conditions, there is a lot that can drive truckers crazy. So we wanted to take a look at the other side of the road (metaphorically, not literally; always keep your eyes on the road!). We asked the Cargomatic Community of truckers what the best part of their job was and the following are the top 3 responses we received.

3. Traveling to Different Places

There are very few jobs where a person can tailor their job around their wants like a trucker can. “Where do I want to travel? What do I want to see? What kind of route do I want to take? Do I want to stay local? Go from state-to-state? See the whole United States? Stick to  quick trips?” There are always shipments that need to be delivered and freight that needs to be moved, so there are always places to see and be seen!

2. Meeting New People

I’ll admit, this one was a surprise. For most people, when “Truck Driver” comes to mind they think of being on the road…in a truck..alone. So when the responses were so high for “meeting new people,” we wanted to know more. Luckily, our Annual Driver Appreciation Event presented the opportunity to learn more. Truckers spoke at length about how they frequently make friends out on the road with other truckers. Sharing the roads, the truck stops, the routes, etc., they often see familiar faces and new faces alike. These are people who share and know first hand the struggles and joys of the job and can relate to each other.

1. Creating Your Own Schedule

Oh freedom! The freedom of being able to hit the road at almost any time and go anywhere. Not having to punch a timecard in and out, not having your typical, standard and monotonous day-to-day schedule. Something about the freedom of being your own boss is what captivates truck drivers using Cargomatic the most. Creating your schedule means having the freedom to decide what days of the week you want to work, what time you want to start your day and what time you want to come home. For a lot of drivers, it means getting to take their kids to and/or from school, maintaining a work-life balance, and making sure that they’re able to still do what they love to do for their hobbies. For other drivers, they love getting the freedom to decide when they want to take time off or take a long weekend without having to ask for permission. 

These are only 3 of many reasons why Truckers love their job. Interested in getting more opportunities? Sign up to join our Carrier Community and see what driving with Cargomatic has to offer!