How You Can Level Up Your Home Delivery

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We have seen a transformation in the home delivery space over the past year. Lockdowns and stay-at-home orders left people ordering online more and relying more on having those items delivered directly to their homes. Industries that once relied primarily on in-person sales are now making more online sales than ever.

A successful shipping strategy adapts to meet customers’ changing needs and leverages new technology and processes to do so. But shippers, you’re not alone. Choosing partners to take over (or automate) the most challenging parts of the operation can be beneficial.

We work with a wide variety of shippers and have seen some common technological needs, regardless of what’s being shipped. There are three critical components that shippers should expect when partnering with a technology solutions provider:

  • Real-time location data. It doesn’t matter if this is tracked via a device on a truck, tag on a product, or through a driver’s phone’s GPS location. While it may seem obvious, the ability to find this information is what’s most important.
  • An analytics engine. Collecting data is one thing, using that data is another. An effective solution can alert the shipper to potential issues before they even arise. An example of this is identifying the likelihood of an exception. With home delivery, a driver may have multiple stops – a late delivery for one end-customer can lead to issues for half a dozen other customers.
  • Push notifications. Notifications can be given through SMS, email, or a phone call. This gives shippers options when coming up with ways to communicate with their customers.

Want to learn more about leveling up your home delivery strategy? We’ve created a report to help shippers of all sizes.