Cargomatic powers local freight

Cargomatic helps the entire ecosystem of logistics service providers, such as 3PLs and Freight Forwarders, increase share of wallet with their customers but filling gaps along their supply chains. From airport sweeps that ensure FFs are meeting their customer needs, through cross docking partnerships that helps 3PLs more rapidly move goods for their clients, our plug and play approach fits seamlessly into the needs of our 3PL partners. 




Top 3PLs


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Terminal Integrations

The Portal to Freight

Seamless Integrations Ensure Seamless Experiences

Cargomatic’s platform meets the needs of our  partners, allowing white-labeling and API integrations that create a simple user experience for shippers and end customers alike.

Improving Flexibility at the Ports

Cargomatic’s platform connects to a wide range of systems used by steamship lines. From EDI for billing, through API for terminal scheduling, through ERP for efficiency, we can remove friction (and grunt work) from SSL operations.

A 3PL Partner of Choice

Cargomatic’s solutions add full visibility into the whereabouts and condition of goods, while our proactive communications and project management approaches ensure 3PLs always have the information they need, before their client calls with a question.

Helping Forwarders Move Forward

Freight forwarders of all sizes, including eight of the top 10 US, rely on Cargomatic to ensure goods are where they need to be and their customers are satisfied.  Our technology is a single digital source of truth for their customers, even built to the branding standards a forwarder has in place.

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