Cargomatic powers local freight

Cargomatic helps freight forwarders increase wallet share from their existing shipper relationships. Whether it’s to simplify operations where they don’t have physical locations, or to augment their existing relationships and available capacity during peak season, many of the biggest freight forwarding companies have elected to rely on Cargomatic and our virtual fleet.


of the top freight forwarders trust Cargomatic to move good for their customers


on time delivery


tender acceptance rate

Shipping at scale

A critical partner

With a wide range of services, Cargomatic can expand the capabilities that freight forwarders offer their customers. We can easily fill gaps in drayage, intermodal, LTL and final mile delivery, helping FFs protect their client relationships

Create a seamless experience

Through white-labeling and integrations, FFs can easily build our capabilities into the experiences they offer their customers.

Proactive exception management

Our dedicated account managers ensure that our freight forwarder partners are always in-the-know when it comes to the location of their customers’ freight.

Leveraging existing relationships

We know Freight Forwarders must have deep relationships for all services/steps of the entire supply chain. In instances where there’s a need, we help forwarders leverage our relationships to expand their capabilities

Expansive reach in the markets that matter

Cargomatic has established presence in each of the top freight markets in the US, with expansive experience across air freight in each major airport.

Our technology is a key differentiator, and can be easily customized to fit into a freight forwarder’s workflows. More importantly, it can be integrated seamlessly into a single digital source of truth for their customers, even built to the branding standards a forwarder has in place. 

Tremendous airport experience

With operations in more than 40 US cities, including each of the top 10 continental US airports for freight, Cargomatic is built to meet the needs of freight forwarders. 

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