Cargomatic Powers Local Freight

Companies that operate America’s biggest and most complex supply chains have selected Cargomatic as their freight partner of choice. There are several reasons for this, including technology, workflow management, limitless capacity and same day availability.


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Shipping at Scale

Nearly Limitless Capacity

For nearly a decade, Cargomatic has connected shippers with capacity that meets their needs. With a virtual fleet of 22,0000 drivers, in 40+ US cities, we have capacity, no matter the season or request


track & track shipping

Single Source of Truth

Our Command platform enables enterprise shippers to oversee each step of a shipment’s journey. From real-time track and trace capabilities, to simple, accurate  billing, Command can serve as a full, single source of truth for all transit needs.

Reducing Emissions Across the Board

AI within our Command platform utilizes to smart routing dramatically cut emissions, in multiple ways.

Proactive Exception Management

Our account management approach ensures each enterprise shipper receives the right level of support. From fully self-service approaches on through dedicated account managers stationed within our customers’ offices, we ensure that our customer needs are met.

Trusted by the Best

Each of the top 10 retailers in the US has trusted Cargomatic to move their goods

On the technology side, our portal and back-end technology solutions allow enterprise shippers to provide information in whatever manner is most efficient. We can accept batches of orders via EDI, API, spreadsheet, phone call or e-mail, and secure capacity in near real-time. This is critical for companies that are relying on us to power their entire supply chain, as well as those companies for whom we provide a safety net – the same-day nature of our marketplace allows shippers to ensure continuity for even the most basic of hurdles (in some instances, massive organizations with private fleets use our marketplace on days when too many drivers have called in sick).

We offer nearly unparalleled transparency, with a customizable approach to notifications that meets the needs of any size supply chain. We also integrate with many of the visibility solutions that companies have implemented to ensure blanket transparency across their entire supply chain. 


Finally, we ensure each of our enterprise shippers has a team of dedicated, experienced account leaders with more than a decade in the logistics industry. Our team speaks the same language as our shippers, because they’ve been in the same roles as many of our shipper contacts.

Seamless Workflow Integrations

Our vertical integrations with complementary companies in the supply chain field, such as railroads and terminals, allow us to garner efficiencies for even the biggest shippers in the US, while seamlessly fitting into the ERP and visibility solutions used by today’s top enterprises. 

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