Cargomatic Powers Local Freight

BCOs, including 18 of the 25 companies that Gartner identified as being leaders in the supply chain, have trusted Cargomatic to add capacity to their private fleets, handle complex moves like drayage, and expand direct to consumer offerings for larger goods.


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Shipping at Scale

Streamlining through Integration

Our Command platform connects seamlessly with terminals, rail lines, air freight solutions and more, to offer full visibility and control over how importers move their goods.

Able to Handle Every Move

For BCOs, Cargomatic can simplify any one step of a product’s journey, such as drayage or final mile. We can also manage every step of a company’s entire supply chain.

Reducing Emissions Across the Board

AI within our Command platform utilizes to smart routing dramatically cut emissions, in multiple ways.

Proactive Exception Management

Our account management approach ensures each enterprise shipper receives the right level of support. From fully self-service approaches on through dedicated account managers stationed within our customers’ offices, we ensure that our customer needs are met.

Trusted by the Best

Each of the top 10 retailers in the US has trusted Cargomatic to move their goods

Our technology removes friction throughout the supply chain.

  • BCOs can send orders through API, EDI, spreadsheet, e-mail, or phone call.
  • Real-time track and trace offers up-to-the-minute ETAs, all of which can be shared via portal, link, and app.
  • We’re fully integrated with many of the best-known ERP and/or visibility platforms on the market.

Our approach to drayage, where we have operations in each of the top 20 continental US ports, simplifies a traditionally opaque process, and gives shippers access to their goods days earlier than would otherwise be possible, adding efficiency, while saving tens of thousands of dollars in both warehousing costs and demurrage fees. 



Seamless Workflow Integrations

Cargomatic’s relationships through the supply chain, including terminals, streamlines, railroads, chassis providers, and more, ensures our BCOs can operate at peak efficiency while saving money.

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