Cargomatic powers local freight

Cargomatic helps 3rds party logistics providers more rapidly meet the needs of their customers. We offer  cutting edge technology that creates a seamless experience (down to the branding and website 3PLs offer their customers), along with nearly limitless capacity that ensures deliveries are on time, every time.


loads moved every day


on time delivery


tender acceptance rate

Shipping at scale

Utilizing integrations to streamline operations

3PLs must have partnerships across the entire shipping ecosystem to ensure they can meet their clients’ needs. Through technology integrations, we simplify the ways 3PLs connect with their preferred partners.

Unlimited capacity in (nearly) every city

We offer 3PLs access to a virtual fleet of more than 22,000 truckers, primarily located around the biggest shipping hubs in the US.

Never be caught off guard

We know that 3PLs will encounter exceptions; we just assure them it won’t be their clients telling them about issues. Through proactive communications (and remediation), we work with 3PLs to ensure the behind the scenes issues are solved before they become customer-facing.

A single portal for ordering, tracking and billing

Our Command platform allows 3PLs to oversee every step of their clients’ shipments, including real-time updates, digital PODs, and timely and accurate billing.

The 3PL partner of choice

Eight of the top 10 3PLs in the US rely on Cargomatic to move goods for their clients.

Cargomatic’s solutions can power every step of a shipment’s journey, adding full visibility into the whereabouts and condition of goods, while our proactive communications and project management approaches ensure 3PLs always have the information they need, before their client calls with a question. 

Technology for your team

Our dedicated account leaders have decades of experience in logistics; we understand the needs of your clients, because we’ve been in your seat.

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