COVID-19’s Impact on the Food Supply Chain | Careers on the Move

Last month, we introduced the Careers on the Move series. With this podcast, we hope to shine a spotlight on the supply chain. We’ll talk to people innovating within the space and, ultimately, aim to recruit people to this growing industry.

On episode 2 of the podcast, we spoke with Kelvin Garvanne. Kelvin is a public policy researcher with the Los Angeles Public Works Board of Commissioners. In this role, he leverages his military background to develop solutions for food supply issues within the city.

Food insecurity and food waste are not new issues, but these challenges became even more important as COVID hit. Kelvin talks to Careers on the Move host Tyler Kern about the ways that the pandemic affected the food supply. They also talk about how those viral videos of farmers throwing away unused product are indicative of a larger problem faced by the industry.

Listen to the full episode below, and subscribe to Careers on the Move on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.


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