Meet the Man Helping Truckers Stay Fit on the Road

Meet the Man Helping Truckers Stay Fit on the Road

The supply chain continues to make headlines, as leaders discuss the best ways to move freight more efficiently.

Truck drivers are an essential part of this equation. But who looks out for them? A study from the CDC found that long-haul truck drivers are twice as likely to smoke or be overweight than the average US worker and less likely to be physically active.

By definition, a truck driver spends a significant amount of their day sitting behind the wheel. But the CDC study also points to limited access to healthy food, health care, and space for exercise while on the road as contributing factors.

On the latest episode of Careers on the Move, we talk to Mark Manera, founder of the Trucking Fitness Company. In his current role, Manera helps truck drivers stay active while on the road, allowing them to stay behind the wheel longer and retire on their own terms.

As we’ve learned on this podcast, the journey to working in the supply chain is not linear. Manera didn’t know anyone in the trucking industry to start. As a physical therapist, he got to know truckers who came in for treatment, and realized this was an industry where he could make a difference.

Watch the full episode below:

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