Greening the Transportation Market

In this episode of Careers on the Move, Host Tyler Kern talks to Alyssa Haerle is the Director of Transportation Development at Circuit.

Circuit employs a fleet of all-electric vehicles to offer complimentary and on-demand rides around busy downtown areas. The award-winning micro-transit service works with innovative municipalities, developments, and brands to offer a fare-free service in an eco-friendly way.

Haerle explains why Circuit aims to enhance cities rather than disrupt, and discusses the importance of designing community-specific solutions.

As part of her role within Circuit, Haerle focuses on government strategy, grants, and city procurement processes. She also focuses on Circuit’s impact and how they are doing with their environmental goals.

With the Los Angeles Olympics coming in 2028, Haerle said that moving people around a congested area in an eco-friendly manner is an issue to solve now. With Los Angeles’ proactive zero-emissions transportation goals, Haerle knew it was time to put her interests to use, and that led her to Circuit.

Watch the full episode below:

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