FreightWaves’ Craig Fuller Shares the Secret to Supply Chain Success

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We often talk about how people working in the supply chain “fall into” the industry. When Craig Fuller founded FreightWaves, his goal envisioned a business intelligence company focusing on the freight market. But along the way, they noticed a gap in the market for logistics news.

Now, FreightWaves is the leading media company in the space, covering everything from big-picture market analyses to daily weather reports. This is in addition to the billions of data points the company collects for customers of its business intelligence software SONAR.

Craig spoke with Careers on the Move Host Tyler Kern about his journey in the supply chain, including the secret to Freightwaves’ success and how he’s helping other companies become more agile. The transportation industry is one that is constantly changing, and Freightwaves has worked to increase visibility across the market.

In addition, Craig shared what he wishes he knew before entering the industry, and tips for those searching for their next big opportunity.

Watch the video below:

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