Driver Appreciation Week

Meet the Carrier Success Team

Happy Driver Appreciation Week! Professional drivers get things where they need to be, on time, safely, and securely. We appreciate the work drivers do, and are proud to be able to provide the support they need to do the work they love. This Driver Appreciation Week, we're highlighting a few of the people on our Carrier Success Team - the people that go to work every day to support our drivers. To see more about how we are celebrating drivers, click here.

Cargomatic Drivers Appreciation Week: ...
Eric Mathis, Sr. Carrier Success Manager

“My favorite part of my job is working with the Owner-operators in each market. I love working with them on opportunities to grow their business and provide a livelihood for them and their families.

Many of the drivers signing on to Cargomatic are friends and family of current drivers. It’s not a ‘network of fleets’, but the growing community of drivers and motor carriers that I am most proud of. Cargomatic will connect you to lanes and business opportunities that match your fleet. We want our drivers to thrive and grow.”


Amanda Childers, driver appreciation week
Amanda Childers, Carrier Success Supervisor

“My favorite part about working at Cargomatic is that I get to work with carriers all across the country. I’ve been able to build relationships and work alongside the carriers to understand the benefits and challenges in each market.

A fun fact about my job is that my team leans in from many different backgrounds –  chassis specialists, sales specialists, operations and accounting specialists. The diverse backgrounds allow us to leverage each other’s experiences and knowledge to provide a quality experience for our carriers and helps to ensure their success.

With our wide reaching network, we cover the 20 top ports in the continental US. This allows carriers more access to quality local loads and allows our drivers to spend more time with their families.”

employee headshot, driver appreciation week
Gail Brown, Carrier Success Coordinator

“My favorite part of the job is digging deep to resolve any issues that delay payment to a carrier. Having a dedicated person the carrier can call directly about any questions or concerns puts their mind at ease, and I am grateful to help.

Drivers should choose Cargomatic because it is an innovative company with technology that helps escalate the job from start to finish. Drivers that take advantage of this technology will always thrive.”



driver success headshot of team member
Gregory Fernandez, Carrier Success Coordinator

“I love helping and sharing in the successes of our carriers. I find a lot of value in growing and succeeding with my carriers. Another fun thing about my job is the people I work with. I look forward to catching up with my team and desk mates at the office.

I would recommend driving with Cargomatic because we will connect you with a whole team of professionals with lifetimes of experience to help you!”



Clark, driver appreciation week
Clark Hong-Sheng Hsu, Carrier Success Intern

“The Carrier Success Team is devoted to our carriers, and we adapt and evolve our way to fulfill their needs so that they can accomplish their goals. What I enjoy the most is succeeding next to our carriers.

Our team comprises people from different time zones. We dedicate a virtual meeting room that is on all day to ensure our teams can communicate seamlessly in serving our carriers and enjoy our team chit-chat.

Cargomatic offers quality loads and flexibility. Most importantly, our goal is to leverage the technology to unload the burdens of our carriers. That is why our user-friendly app supports our carriers by keeping their wheels always turning so that they can focus on the road!”