[Webinar] Breaking Down the Year in Freight For a Successful 2022

In 2021, a lot of the challenges from 2020 persisted. On December 8, Cargomatic Head of Strategy Weston LaBar met with Careers on the Move Host Tyler Kern, to discuss this past year’s supply chain turbulence, as well as strategies you can leverage to get ahead for 2022.

“The supply chain is only built for a certain amount of volume. When it increases, there’s a disruption. In the past, these were brief and there was time to dig out,” Weston explained

However, since the pandemic, the supply chain hasn’t been able to catch up.

Weston pointed to two reasons: consumer spending increased, and e-commerce continued to dominate consumption. These trends caused demand to stay high even when supply was low. They also changed the way goods are moved – instead of shipping to a few brick and mortar stores, retailers were shipping to thousands of customers’ homes.

Watch the full video here:

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