Cargomatic Celebrates Earth Month: Helping Companies Reach Sustainability Goals (VIDEO)

Heading into Earth Month, Head of Strategy, Weston LaBar, discusses how Cargomatic helps shippers reach their sustainability goals with reduced emissions and stepped up investment.

“Operationally is really where you get the bang for your buck,” Weston said. That means reducing empty truck moves or “dead miles” in the process of moving cargo. 

 A truck that is always hauling something is “always being productive” – an essential point for efficient short-haul moves and for port drayage, too.

If drayage drivers have a dual transaction – a container going into a marine terminal and one coming out – they won’t have delays. That means they’re doing “twice the amount of work with half the amount of trucks.”

 Reducing trips reduces emissions, but it also means investment for the environment. When companies make more money, they can invest in new equipment which, Weston says, is “always cleaner than older equipment.”