Cargomatic’s Memphis Yard Is Open for Business

Memphis Yard

Ready to start something great with Cargomatic in Memphis? Our yard in Rossville, Tennessee is designed for shippers who need space and truck power in the area. Read on to learn about our fast, efficient, and affordable solutions. Contact us for more information or email

When the Journal of Commerce broke the news of the closure of one of Norfolk Southern Railway’s Memphis storage facilities, they also put concerns about any disruption to rest by further reporting that Cargomatic’s Rossville yard would remain open to shippers with needs in the area.

“Norfolk Southern Railway will close one of its two container spillover lots outside Memphis,” the Journal of Commerce said, noting that “another spillover lot outside Memphis operated by Cargomatic will remain open for now.” Cargomatic Chief Strategy Officer, Weston LaBar, doubled down on that point, saying, “We’re here, and we’re not going anywhere.” 

Our company is doing more than not going anywhere. In typical Cargomatic fashion, we’ve created an offering that goes above and beyond a standard solution, with a combination of features not previously available.

24/7 Operations, Security, and Access (and peace of mind)

Cargomatic opened the 11-acre, 1,300 container capacity yard at 1865 Norfolk Southern Way in September of 2022, and within the first week, moved 1,200 containers. Beyond the location, our fully bonded facility offers shippers what they need fast, safely and cost effectively, with wheeled and grounded storage, round-the-clock security, and a proprietary appointment scheduling system, allowing for access in under an hour, day or night. 

“Because we do low-profile stacking and we service [the stacks] from both sides, you’re going to get faster, more efficient container delivery at the yard,” LaBar says.

By the numbers

For customers in need of services in the Memphis area, here is what Cargomatic can do:

Not just storage – a drayage solution, too: Cargomatic operates over 250 trucks under our authority in the area, all ready to move when called on. This means containers can be moved to or from the Cargomatic yard, requiring no further deadheading.

Get goods where they need to be faster: Our fully bonded yard operates three top handlers, enabling quick and reliable stacking and unstacking of containers. Whereas wait times at other facilities can be upwards of six hours, Cargomatic’s innovative yard design and low-profile stacking operation can get customers in and out in under 30 minutes.

The wheel deal: No chassis shortage here – Cargomatic offers 40 of our own chassis. “We have built-in, on-demand capacity to and from the yard.” LaBar says.

Avoid detention and demurrage costs: With this solution, shippers will avoid all demurrage fees. Pricing is completely transparent – the price you see is the price you pay.

Location, location, location: The yard is located approximately 25 miles east of Memphis, near the warehouse district – ideal for regional deliveries.

Local solution, global impact

Cargomatic’s yard is an important link in the national supply chain, helping to move or store the thousands of cargo containers that continue to enter and leave the Memphis area. “By optimizing each node of the supply chain on a local level,” LaBar says, “we reduce the potential for delays and bottlenecks across the country, which in turn is great for the economy, the end customer, and a shipper’s bottom line.”

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