Cargomatic on Advancements with Ted Danson

Advancements with Ted Danson, inside warehouse technology

As broadcast on Advancements with Ted Danson, on Saturday, October 22nd on Bloomberg

Filmed in Summer 2022, the episode explores how our marketplace is a transformative force in the creation of a more efficient, sustainable, and resilient supply chain. During the segment, you’ll hear Cargomatic leaders talk about how our approach works to modernize the logistics space and create value for our customers, carriers, and the global supply chain. Also in the segment is Samantha Galltin, Managing Director of Commercial Operations at Port of Long Beach, detailing how the port is innovating to give shippers end-to-end visibility; Charlotte Dominguez, Operations Manager at Nexxgen gives the carrier perspective on how Cargomatic’s solutions helps businesses like Nexxgen optimize their business.