ASCM 2019: September 16-18, 2019

Association for Supply Chain Management 2019 will be held in Las Vegas in September, and despite what they say about what happens in Vegas, the conversations, meetings, and follow-ups will not stay in Vegas. In fact, we plan to take the valuable conversations and opportunities had at ASCM back to HQ, where we can double down and build on the momentum to bring to you what you need to be successful in this industry.

While we love our booths, we’ll be running the floor at this event. There will be no shortage of exciting topics and conversations, like there are no shortage of Vegas puns in this post, and we’ll be excited to share them with you. Let us know what supply chain topics are most important to you, and which sessions you’ll be attending. Hope to see you there, you can bet we will! (Sorry, had to add one last one!)

For more information on ASCM 2019, click here!

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