Commentary: How digital brokerage has become a “no-code” endeavor

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In the Stone Age of transportation brokerage – the 1980s – technological innovations came in the form of new equipment purchases in an effort to speed up transactions. This might be a second telephone on the desk, one of those cradles attached to a phone to hold it to a user’s ear from the shoulder, a new Rolodex or a fax machine. As the internet age took shape into the 1990s and early 2000s, a few entrepreneurs began building the first “digital brokerages.” Companies like, GlobalTranz and Echo Global Logistics launched their “Expedia for Freight” sites and have all gone on to tremendous success.  

Photo credit: FreightWaves

When smart phones and Uber showed us a new way to dispatch in 2013, a new breed of digital brokers was born. Companies like Cargomatic…

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