Why the Supply Chain is the Industry to Work In | Careers on the Move

Last month, we launched Careers on the Move, a podcast and video series that aims to shine a spotlight on the supply chain. We hope to attract people to work in the industry by featuring people and companies who are innovating the supply chain.

We’ve already highlighted how data is a key element of the supply chain, tracing its roots to the humble barcode in Episode 1 of the podcast. We’ve also spoken to someone who’s worked his way up through the industry and serve as CEO in multiple transportation companies in this video.

Our ultimate goal is to show people why the supply chain is such a great place to work and thrive. In this infographic, we take a step back and explain why this is our goal. The supply chain is an industry that continues to grow and transform, especially as buying patterns change.

In 2020, people went out less and ordered online more. They had items delivered directly to their homes, from toilet paper to mattresses. And the supply chain has adapted to meet these needs.

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